4 Signs That Your Car Air Conditioning Needs Service

Your car air conditioning helps to keep you cool as you drive during those hot summer days and to defog your windscreen during winter. It's easy to forget about your air conditioning until it's malfunctioning. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure it is well serviced. While some assume that the air conditioning servicing should be done as the mechanic services the rest of your car, this is not always the case. Ensure you ask your mechanic if the air conditioning is included in the car service package. Continue reading for 4 signs that your car air conditioning needs service.

The Air Coming From the Car Air Conditioner Isn't Cold

This is the most obvious sign that your car air conditioning needs service since it's failing to perform its primary function. If the air isn't cold enough, then the air conditioning definitely needs to be serviced. It's probably because the refrigerant wasn't topped up or recharged. Your car may have a weak airflow. Weak airflow is an indication that a blockage caused by mould or a broken ventilation fan is preventing the air from making it through the vents. 

The Car Air Conditioning Is Producing Unusual Sounds

Once you're familiar with the sounds your car produces, can note any unusual sounds. Your car air conditioning should produce the sound of airflow when you switch it on. However, if you turn it on and hear rattling or banging sounds, then your car air conditioner definitely needs servicing. It could mean that the fan belt or condenser may be worn out or there is debris clogging the system somewhere. 

The Car Air Conditioning Is Producing Bad Odours

The air coming from your car air conditioning should be clean and odourless. If the air conditioning starts to release foul odours through its vents, this could be a sign that mould is growing within the air conditioning unit. Your car air conditioning unit needs urgent service to avoid the risk of respiratory illnesses and health concerns. 

There Are Signs of Condensation in Your Car

If you notice signs of condensation, mainly coming from the dashboard, there may be something wrong with the car air conditioning unit. The car air conditioning system goes through a combination of components including a refrigerant, condenser, compressor, and an evaporator to change gas to liquid and to gas again as it cools the air. If you notice that there's water dripping from your car, one of the hoses may be blocked somewhere within the system. This can have a dampening effect on the car's interior.

If you notice any issue with your car air conditioning unit, don't hesitate to take it for servicing. This will give your car air conditioning unit a long lifespan.

For more information, contact a local car air conditioning service.

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