Fleet Maintenance And Repair Tips

Do run a trucking business? If yes, you may have trouble managing fleet repairs. Below is a step by step guide on how to conduct repairs for your fleet.

Know Your Trucks

It is not uncommon for truck owners to purchase different types of trucks. Different trucks have varying requirements. For instance, there are trucks designed for long-distance travel, while others will only handle short distances. Conduct some research to know the kind of problems the trucks are likely to develop and how you can avoid these issues. 

Every vehicle should have service records detailing what parts were replaced during the last service and their longevity. Service records will help you keep tabs on how much you spend on truck maintenance and repairs. 

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance will help you avoid expensive repairs such as engine knocks and transmission problems. Below are some truck preventive maintenance tips: 

  • Clean the fuel system to get rid of carbon deposits that may clog the fuel filter, pump and injectors.
  • Clean the truck's radiator annually to remove gunk that may cause corrosion and leaks.
  • Leaks should be repaired at the earliest possible time. More often than not, you could be dealing with worn-out oil seals and gaskets.
  • Remember to service turbochargers and change the timing and serpentine belts.

Most manufacturers will give at least two years warranty and free service when you purchase a new truck. Remember to read the terms of the warranty. For instance, it could become void if the truck is repaired by an unlicensed professional. 

Use Genuine Spare Parts

Use genuine OEM parts as you repair the trucks. Low-quality parts will compromise the functionality of your engine and cause catastrophic problems. Most dealers will give discounts when you buy parts in wholesale. It helps you cut truck repair costs. 

Consider refurbished or used parts if you cannot find new OEM parts. When buying used parts, ask for service records and inspect the component to ensure it does not have rust and cracks. Reputable sellers will give a guarantee. Besides, they have a friendly return policy.

Determine The Need For Overhauls

Over time, the truck's engine will begin to wear out. At this stage, it will require regular repairs for issues ranging from a broken crankshaft, warped engine block or faulty transmission. An engine and transmission overhaul will help solve these problems. However, there are cases when buying a new truck may seem like a viable alternative. This is especially so if you think that the truck no longer adds value to your business. 

Skilled and specialised mechanics can detect truck problems at an early stage. Besides, they will inspect the trucks after long trips to ensure the functionality of the various systems.

For more information, contact a truck repair service.

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