3 Ways to Increase Your Truck's Resale Value

When it comes to hauling goods and cargo over long distances cheaply and on schedule, nothing beats trucks. First off, loading and unloading are quick and easy, resulting in quicker handling times and faster deliveries. They can also be driven on all roads, regardless of the weather conditions. Their most significant selling point, perhaps, is that they can deliver a large number of goods, cheaper than aeroplanes or trains and a lot faster than a ship.

When you want to upgrade or sell your truck, you need to get the most value out of it. Consistent truck repair and maintenance are essential, coupled with cleanliness and a sound, good looking truck as highlighted below.  

1. Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Regular service and maintenance is a must if you plan ever to sell your truck. You must keep all the parts in a perfect working condition. Prospective buyers want to purchase a vehicle that won't have them drowning in maintenance and repair bills in the first year. Have the truck serviced every 12 months, and change the oil every 5,000 - 7,000 miles. Fix any mechanical or cosmetic issues as soon as they come up.

2. Keep it clean. 

People usually associate cleanliness with care. Your truck could be sporting a rocket engine, but no one will buy it if it looks dirty and worn. Make sure you wash and wax it regularly. The wax prevents dulling and chipping of the paint and it keeps the finish bright and shining. The interior is vital too. Empty the glove and side compartments of trash regularly and invest in floor mats to keep the floor stain free. Avoid traveling with pets, especially dogs. They can stink the place up, and it will be tough to get the smell out. If your budget allows, hire a professional detailing service. They're professionals, and they'll do a far better job than most truck drivers do.

3. Drive Safely.

Driving safely is about doing your best to avoid any dents or damages. If your truck has a history of collision damage, it's value might dip. Plus, a trained bodywork appraiser can easily spot bodywork. In the case of collisions, employ experienced repair shops and insist they use factory-original parts. Make sure all records on crashes and truck repair are stored safely, and do not attempt to hide the presence of bodywork. It will reduce your credibility and probably the truck's value too.


Reselling a vehicle is a subtle art, one that requires you to make all the right moves to get the best value. Consistent truck repair and maintenance, clean interiors and exteriors and a sound, unblemished structure will significantly increase your truck's resale value. 

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