What Is Likely to go Wrong with Your Car Radiator?

We often see dramatic pictures of vehicles having a lot of smoke coming out of their engines. This results from an overheated engine that is caused by a dysfunctional cooling system. Believe it or not, many motorists are likely to experience an overheated engine at least once in their driving lifetime.

The car radiator is the primary component that is responsible for maintaining a cool engine. Inside the radiator is a fluid (the coolant fluid) that circulates around the engine and prevents it from overheating. When the radiator experiences issues, it is important to take your vehicle for car radiator repair to prevent further complications.

The following are common radiator complications that you should watch out for as you operate your vehicle.

  • Leaking radiator hoses

One of the most common radiator issues actually happens on the hoses that link the radiator to the engine. The radiator hoses are responsible for allowing coolant to flow freely from the radiator to the engine so as to prevent any overheating.

A leaking radiator hose is a regular problem that is experienced. These hoses tend to undergo a lot of wear and tear, and they should be replaced every so often during car radiator repair.

  • Leaks in the radiator itself

Another common radiator issue is a leak in the radiator itself. Radiators are not fail proof, and they can sometimes crack and result in leaking coolant fluid. A common sign of a cracked radiator is coolant fluid that is leaking under the hood of your car and onto the ground.

Coolant leaking can lead to significant overheating of the engine, making it important for you to take your vehicle for car radiator repair or replacement as soon as possible.

  • Thermostat failure

The thermostat is an important part of the vehicle's cooling system. It controls how much coolant can flow in and out of the radiator to get to the engine. When the thermostat fails, it is unable to regulate the flow of coolant and causes the engine to overheat quickly.

  •  A Broken down radiator fan

When your vehicle is running, the radiator fan is responsible for drawing in air to keep the entire engine cool. The fan is even more important when driving at low speeds or when the engine is running idle.

A good way to tell if your radiator fan is having issues is if your engine tends to overheat at low speeds but runs just fine on the highway. If you notice this issue, seek car radiator repair services to replace your current fan with a new one.

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